Lawrence, Kansas

Mar Lan Construction was chosen to build this 37,450 square foot pre-engineered metal office/warehouse project. It is Mar Lan Construction’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project and is Lawrence’s first privately developed LEED certified project. This project introduced the use of bioswales which are designed to capture contaminated stormwater runoff, clean it and remove solid particles using the root systems of plants specifically chosen for this purpose. It is then released back into the natural aquifer.

Other specific green points of the project include the use of concrete in lieu of asphalt to reduce the heat island effect, Mar Lan diverted nearly 95% of the construction debris from landfill and sent it instead to recycling centers, we used low V.O.C. paints and adhesives, no urea formaldehyde for raw wood products, products used had a high content of recycled materials, skylights were installed in the warehouse to provide natural light, and many other features.