January 31st 2023

Walt Hull Sculpture Resides at Mar Lan’s New Offices

CEK insurance graciously gifted us funds that were to be used for something in our new office at 701 E. 19th Street, originally the Zimmerman Steel office and fabrication shop.
It was an easy decision when we decided to reach out to Walt Hull, who accepted the challenge to create a sculpture. A nice fun fact is that Walt was employed by Zimmerman Steel and worked in the fabrication shop for many years. The sculpture was to capture the rich history that the building represented in the past and how it will be carried moving forward. He utilized tools and materials that were common to both of the businesses and then hand forged the links in the chain representing how the companies are linked in so many ways. Many thanks go out to our friends at CEK and a special thanks to Walt Hull. The piece now resides in our front lobby.