August 25th 2020

USD 497 Educational Support & Distribution Center Update

So much has happened on this project. The work at the USD 497 Educational Support and Distribution Center will provide a much-needed change to the campus appearance and presentation. The façade of both buildings will be upgraded to receive an energy-efficient insulation and building envelope system that will be finished off with metal wall panels with varying layout, styles, and colors. The two buildings will be connected with a new enclosed addition. When completed, the campus will have a single-source entrance for the general public to enter and be greeted. They will be directed to the appropriate location from there.

Newly remodeled space inside of each of the existing buildings will provide modern spaces and fresh new finishes for a couple of the departments. Kelly Hockey, Mar Lan jobsite superintendent, spends a good share of his time inside and out keeping the flow of the project moving. This project will be nearing completion in the late fall/early winter.