July 17th 2020

Track Surface at USD 287 West Franklin Pomona

Ever wonder what is under the running track surface. We all have been on a sports track at one time or another. The makeup of our system has compacted soil that has been tested for bearing strength and consistency, followed by a compacted layer of AB-3 granular mix that has been tested and asphalt paving that also will be tested for quality control. This is all trapped within two concrete curbs that have been formed and poured prior to placement of the AB-3 and asphalt. Then the final application will be the actual track surface. We are showing you what this looks like during the asphalt process. This takes a lot of careful coordination and the assistance of lots of subcontractors and workers to get this track to this stage. Once completed, the USD 287 West Franklin High School Campus will have a state of the art sports track and field events center. This is a great addition to this fantastic project and we’re very proud to show you these pictures.