September 18th 2018

Projects Update: USD 287 West Franklin

Mar Lan Construction was recently awarded the contract as Construction Manager @ Risk for the USD 287 West Franklin Bond Project. We could not be more excited. Pomona, Williamsburg, and Appanoose make up this school district. A fun fact, Gale, Brian, and Kevin all graduated from Pomona High School, Gale and Brian attended Pomona Grade School and Kevin attended Appanoose Grade School. Marty Criqui, who will be the project superintendent is also a graduate of Pomona grade and High School and lives in the district.

The project involves major additions at the High School including a new gymnasium that will seat 1200+, locker and restrooms, a new Vo-Ag Shop, Wood Shop, Music Room and Weight Room that will double as storm-hardened construction as well as administration and classroom supports, and lastly a connector to tie two existing buildings with an enclosed walkway allowing passage from building to building out of the weather. Williamsburg will get a much needed enclosed walkway that will allow passage from building to building as well as window replacement in the gymnasium. Appanoose will have us building a hardened storm structure that will serve as a Music Room and extended entrance into the facility.