January 12th 2019

Projects Update – USD 287 West Franklin Bond Project

USD 287 West Franklin Bond Project is a brand new project for Mar Lan Construction. It is moving through the design phase with construction scheduled to start in mid-2019. There are multiple schools in the district so each school has its own plans for improvements:

  • The High School/Middle School campus in Pomona will be taking on a new look with the scheduled demolition of 3 existing buildings; the addition of a new gym, locker rooms, and shops; a new music room and weight room that will be constructed as a storm shelter for all students on campus; a revamped football field; and a new track and field facility.
  • Scheduled improvements at the Williamsburg Elementary School include a complete building-wide fire alarm system, removal of windows in the locker room to allow the area to be used as a storm shelter, and a connecting walkway between the school and the lunch area.
  • The Appanoose Elementary School will be getting a new music room that will be constructed as a storm shelter large enough to hold all students at the school.

All of these improvements are being funded by a recently passed bond issue in the USD 287 West Franklin District.