January 12th 2019

Projects Update – Stubbs Building

A year has passed since we first started discovery demolition on the wonderful historical project, the Stubbs Building. Now there is a tenant and the exterior and the core shell of the project are nearing completion. Craig Daniels, job site superintendent, along with Kelly Hockey as first man in charge of the historical trim details at the exterior windows and doors have done a fantastic job of matching the historical elements and recreating them as they were presented in the 1910s.

This job has touched on just about every challenge you can throw at a construction project — budget, timeline, historical preservation, tax credits and code challenges — everything seemed to open up new chapters for this project. The Soda Shop plans to open for business at the end of January 2019 and new prospective tenants are in the works. If ever there was a “custom” project, this was it. Not a single item on this project was shelf-ready!