January 28th 2020

Project Update USD 287 West Franklin

Lots of progress has happened on this project. Despite all the wet weather earlier in the year, winter has been kind so far. We are well underway with the high school project in Pomona, which adds two additions as well as a track and sports field. The slabs are poured, and masonry is underway. Marty Criqui, project superintendent, has been pushing things along and is quite pleased with the progress he and the construction crews have been able to make.

The elementary school project located at the Appanoose campus is underway as well. We have been able to get footings and slab poured. Masonry will be underway just as quickly as possible.

The third leg of this project will start soon. This involves improvements to be made to the elementary school at Williamsburg. The work will include a connector that will tie two existing buildings together. Window modifications will take place in the gymnasium and includes closing off windows to create a hardened safe refuge for the entire campus.