December 28th 2019

Project Update Homestead of Eudora

Progress on the Homestead of Eudora Assisted Living Facility is nearing the end of the road. The exterior is nearly complete thanks to the unseasonably warm winter we have had this year, fingers crossed it continues.  The interior finishes are progressing nicely, and rooms are nearing completion.  Light fixtures are going up along with the ceiling grid and casework.  It won’t be much longer, and this facility will be ready to accept the new residents it is being built for. Randy Frahm, job superintendent for Mar Lan, has really been pushing to get the project over the finish line.  A special thanks to the team of subcontractors who have been involved with the project. They have been instrumental in keeping this project on schedule.  If you recall, this time last year we had what seemed to be snowstorm after snowstorm for the entire month of January and February. Mar Lan Construction is very proud to have been a part of this great addition to the City of Eudora, Kansas.