March 21st 2023

Mar Lan Practices Creative Measures

Working in a multi-story building often calls for creative measures. The Phoreus tenant space is located in the Phase III building located at the KUIP (KU Innovation Park). Shown in the photos are common procedures when core drilling is necessary to allow access for floor-to-floor penetrations. Almost always, the space below needs to be protected calling for protective coverings that are quite common. But then there is the capture of the mess from the drilling operation. You can see this is a sophisticated operation. What we refer to as “bucket on a pole,” the bucket is adhered to an adjustable pole and then held under the penetration during the drilling operation. This procedure is practiced by many and is one of our industry’s best kept secrets. Kelly Hockey, jobsite superintendent, oversees the entire operation from start to finish. All kidding aside, it is vitally important that all these measures are taken in order to protect the areas below.