June 30th 2021

Mar Lan Is On The Move

Mar Lan is on the move. Over the last week or so, boxes, furniture, files, and everything in between have been packed up and moved to our new location at 701 E. 19th in Lawrence. The new (old) building is looking fantastic with our new utility screen wall, Kevin’s touch is evident in the new landscaping, new outdoor lights, a new roof, a new coat of paint, improved site work, and generally everything is looking very polished. Inside the building has truly been transformed. With a nod to a mid-century modern aesthetic, the interior looks clean and interestingly cool. Light fixtures, furniture, and the brand new reception desk all come together to give the office a warm, friendly but efficient feel. There are a few final touches to be made but everything is truly coming together to give Mar Lan Construction a new office location to be extremely proud of.