April 27th 2021

Lots of Activity at the New Offices of Mar Lan Construction

There is so much activity at Mar Lan Construction’s new offices that it’s hard to keep up. All the site work demolition has been completed and new site concrete has been completed. The new roof has been installed over the front office. Interior wall framing has been completed, wall rough-in of mechanical and electrical systems have been inspected and the process of hanging sheetrock is underway. It has been an all-hands-on-deck utilizing many of our company team members to accomplish different tasks. It is hard to cover up all the hard work that has happened. Yes, those are purple walls, James Allen would really like to keep these, not going to happen! Brian Lantis and Jason Kellogg have been keeping things hopping at the site with the help of Randy Frahm and Nate Sudja. A recent inspection was held by Kristi Taylor and Becky Eller from the office. Everything passed their stringent requirements. We are planning our move later this spring. More to come on this project. Time flies when you’re having fun!