April 15th 2020

Douglas County Tier II, Tier III Housing Project Update

Dan Connelly, job superintendent at the Douglas County Tier II Tier III Housing project has a lot of different projects going at once at this busy job site. In the last newsletter, this project had not even begun pushing dirt but thanks to some great weather, a great team of subcontractors, vendors, and direction this project is well underway.  The Tier 3 housing project, in collaboration with the Douglas County Housing Authority, is soon to be dried in and will be beginning MEP rough-in.  The Tier 2 project, in collaboration with Bert Nash, is ready to get the first floor framed and backfilled.  All parties involved have had to make adjustments due to the current crisis.  However, like any good team, everyone has banded together, and we can’t wait to see the progress continue.