November 20th 2020

Douglas County Behavioral Health Tier II Ribbon-Cutting Ceremonies

Mar Lan Construction was honored to attend the ribbon-cutting today (Friday, November 20) for the Douglas County Behavioral Health Tier II house. We want to congratulate Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center and those organizations that have collaborated to provide housing for clients transitioning to the community as well as clients needing support services to stay stably housed for longer periods of time. This has been a great project for the community and we’re very proud to have been involved. In attendance today were Bob Tyranski and Jay Zimmershied with Douglas County, Patrick Schmitz and Matthew Faulk from Bert Nash, Michelle DeRousso, Nancy Thellman, and Patrick Kelly, representing the Douglas County Commission, Shannon Oury with Douglas County Housing Authority, and Sara Plinsky, Administrator for Douglas County. Chris Nichols, Project Manager for Mar Lan Construction, Dan Connelly, job superintendent, and Gale Lantis, Owner, represented Mar Lan Construction.