Lawrence, Kansas

The Douglas County 4-H Fairgrounds is a 36-acre tract of land which Mar Lan Construction has touched nearly every square feet of this property with either building or site improvements.


The 7500 square foot 4H Meeting Hall is complete and now being used by the County.


The 55,000 square foot Open Pavilion will be used for a myriad of events such as livestock shows and auctions. This building has a Judging Arena located at the end of the structure with bleacher seating for the audience. Additionally there are mechanical rooms, restroom accommodations and storage rooms for the facility.


Another phase of this project is the new Outdoor Arena. This arena is constructed of segmental retaining wall and paving blocks and will be used for the annual Demolition Derby and other outdoor events. A new restroom building was constructed along with many new exterior site improvements such as site lighting and pedestrian paving. The site will now accommodate RV parking and service hook-ups as well.



“It should be known that the Douglas County Fairgrounds renovations project turned out just as resoundingly successful as all the others have in our past 20 years of experience working with you, Gale, and the rest of your team. Your ability to anticipate and provide input and suggestions to the construction challenges proved to be valuable throughout the life of the project."


- Chris Cunningham, AIA,
Associate Principal, TreanorHL