The KU Library Annex is a high-density storage facility located on the west campus at the University of Kansas. The project consists of 7000 square feet of a low bay receiving and processing area, and a 9000 square foot high bay storage module which houses approximately 1.6 million volumes.


The building walls are precast concrete with sandblast and brick accents. The floor of the storage module is a heavily reinforced structural slab with a “super-flat” finish sitting on over 90 drilled piers. The flat slab is required to allow for safe retrieval from the 37 foot high storage racks. The storage module is conditioned at a constant 50° with 30% humidity to provide an ideal archival storage environment.

“You executed your role of Construction Management with great attention to detail and integrity. Your effective cost estimating early in design allowed us to keep the project within the client’s budget while at the same time not compromising the integrity of the design. Your assistance in advising on constructability issues throughout the design process allowed us to craft a better building and improve the project schedule.”


-Michael Schaadt, AIA, Principal, PGAV Architects