Mar Lan Construction was chosen to building this 22,000 square foot two-story office building located in Grand Mere which is next door to Colbert Hills Golf Course in Manhattan, Kansas.


The new headquarters features an open office concept with smaller conference areas spread through the building. Another innovative feature is the underfloor air delivery system (UFAD) that houses not only air ductwork but also the data and power systems for the open office design.


The monumental stair well located in the center of the building was designed to mimic the striations of an augured wall in the earth by using Anigre wood panels integrated with limestone. The exotic wood Anigre has been used in each of the previous 7 projects that Mar Lan Construction has completed for Frontier Farm Credit. There is also a decorative glass handrail and porcelain tile treads and risers completing this beautiful feature.


On the southern exposure solar aluminum shades will help control the interior temperature from the Kansas summer heat. Heated sidewalks will make the Kansas winter much more tolerable and the fire pit enhances the exterior front patio.







“I want to thank you for the excellent work you have repeatedly done for Frontier Farm Credit. Over the last nine years, Mar Lan Construction has been chosen to build a new Frontier Farm Credit facility at our regional offices in Baldwin, Hiawatha, Manhattan, Parsons, and Marysville, and our largest building project yet, a 2-story, 25,000 square foot administrative headquarters in Manhattan. Simply, what I really like about Mar Lan is that they:

• Delivered quality construction, including an always-clean job site

• Committed to a price with refund, if they could come in under budget, which they have

• Provide great communication and explanation of what they would do

• Offered suggestions on ways to improve upon the project

• Made commitments to do the job right, and kept them


-Doug Hofbauer, President/CEO, Frontier Farm Credit